Cold email templates

18 Sales prospecting email templates ready made to help you open doors

Email could be the most effective way for salespeople to get attention today.

Almost 21% of prospecting emails get opened, according to Mailchimp Meanwhile, only 2% of cold emails go anywhere worthwhile.

But email success isn’t just a matter of sending more messages and hoping for responses. Certain email rules hold true regardless of the industry or audience. And great messages can be built from solid prospecting templates like those here.

But first, you want to make sure that any email you send prospects is:

  • Subject-driven.Nail the subject line. More than a third of people open email based on the subject line, according to research by author Jay Baer It has to concisely lay out a benefit for prospects.
  • Prospects are busy, and they don’t know you, so they won’t invest much time reading an unsolicited message.
  • Prospect-driven.The first sentences need to be about prospects, not your product or service. Use the language they use in their industry, business and/or life.
  • Mention their industry, a competitor, an event attended – anything that shows you didn’t just merge their name into a template.
  • You can set up Google alerts to stay on top of news and social feeds for your biggest prospects. You can mention something relevant to what’s going on in their world every time you send a message.
  • Customized from your side.Prospects are almost 40% more likely to open messages from a name or email address. Make your messages from you – – not a corporate account.
  • Every prospecting email needs a call to action that drives the sales process forward. Ask them to respond, call, set up a meeting or permit you to call.

Here are seven reasons to send prospecting email and 18 templates to speed you along. To use these templates, just select the text, copy and paste it.


4 email templates to make a first connection with prospects

Cold emailing never has to feel cold. Salespeople can find out enough about prospects online and through social media to make a relevant connection.

These templates for making an initial connection after digging up information on your prospects will help.

Template #1: Initial Connection

Subject: Are you hyper-focused on (goal your solution addresses)?

Dear (Prospect name),

I can tell from your website that you’re trying to (accomplish a specific goal your solution addresses). Without making too many assumptions about your business goals, I’m pretty sure (your product) can play a pivotal role in your success.

While I’m familiar with your company, you might not be as familiar with (your company name). We help businesses in (prospect industry) with three main goals:

  • (Your benefit #1)
  • (Your benefit #2)
  • (Your benefit #3)

When are you free in the next few days for a short call to discuss strategy for (prospect company name) and how we can help?


(Your signature)

Template #2: Initial Connection

Subject: A resource for (business area your solution addresses)

Hi (Prospect name),

I’m sending this message to introduce myself as your resource at (your company name). I work with small companies in the (prospect industry) space and see that your colleagues stopped by our website in the past.

That inspired me to take a closer look at your website and gain a better understanding of how you handle (a situation or strategy that your solution addresses). I noticed a few areas where we might be able help and was compelled to reach out to you directly.

We work with similar companies in your industry such as (happy customer company 1 and 2). We’ve helped them accomplish (a benefit of your solution) while providing them the tools to (another benefit).

When do you have 15 minutes to connect today or tomorrow? You can book time directly on my calendar here (your embedded meeting calendar url).

Thanks so much,

(Your signature)


Template #3: Initial Connection

Subject: (Prospect name) – following up on your search

Hi (Prospect name),

I saw that you were checking out (your product, company or solution) and wanted to reach out quickly after checking out (prospect company) site.

I certainly don’t want to waste your time, but I thought it would be helpful to speak a little bit about what you hope to get from (your product). I’d love to share some helpful best practices.

What’s a good time today or tomorrow for a brief chat. You can schedule directly on my calendar here (your embedded url meeting calendar) or call me at (your direct phone line here).


(Your signature)

P.S. In the meantime, you’ll find these about (specific issue) helpful. They’re just a few-minute read and you’ll gain immediate useable insight!

  • (Link to resource 1)
  • (Link to resource 2)


Template #4: Initial Connection

Subject: Can we help you achieve (business goal), too?

Hi (Prospect name),

In working with (prospect job title), I hear one of the biggest issues they struggle with is (key issue).

We’ve helped many companies overcome (key issue), resulting in (relevant benefit such as money saved, revenue added or productivity increased).

A strategy we’ve seen success with is (your key solution), and based on what I know about your business, here are a few ways you could put it into action and see the same success:

  • (Strategy and benefit point 1)
  • (Strategy and benefit point 2)
  • (Strategy and benefit point 3)

That probably sounds similar to challenges you face. I have some more ideas that might help. Can we set up a meeting (specific day 1 and 2) at a time that’s convenient to you?


(Your signature)



8 email templates to little-known prospects

On rare occasions, salespeople may not be able to find out much about potential prospects and need to send a cool email. These outreach templates can help.

Template #1: For little-known prospects

Subject: Right contact at (company name)

Hi (Prospect name),

I hope to find the right person to talk to about (specific issue your solution addresses).

Is this something that challenges you or your colleagues at (prospect company name)?

We at (your company name) are already working with hundreds of organizations such as (happy customer company names 1, 2 and 3) to improve (specific issue) by (brief description of what your company does).

Are you the person I should talk to about this? Is there someone you would refer me to? When would be a good time for a quick call?


(Your signature)


Template #2: For little-known prospects

Subject: You can read this in 28 seconds and get a new idea to solve (specific issue)

Hi (Prospect name),

I’ll keep this short and concise so the 28 seconds to read it is worth your time.

As a (your title) at (your company name), I speak with people like you about (achieving a specific goal)(Prospect company name) is on my radar because we’ve helped a lot of companies in (prospect industry) with (specific issue).

Can we schedule a 15-minute call to discuss your strategy for (specific issue your solution addresses)? I’d like to hear what excites and challenges you – and the changes you envision. Even if you decide that you don’t want to talk more after our first call, you’ll gain some insight for (specific issue) that you’ll be able to use immediately.


(Your signature)


Template #3: For little-known prospects

Subject: (Prospect name), need help with (specific issue)?

Hi (Prospect name),

Are you at (prospect company name) challenged with (specific issue)?

We at (your company name) work with organizations in your same industry such as (happy customer company names 1, 2 and 3) to improve (specific issue) by (brief description of what your company does).

I know the life of a (prospect title) can be hectic, but would you be available for a quick call later this week to see if this could be valuable for you?


(Your signature)


Template #4: For little-known prospects

Subject: (Prospect name), looking for help with (specific issue)?

Hi (Prospect name),

How much do you struggle with (specific issue) at (prospect company name)?

I know from working with organizations like yours such as (happy customer company names 1 and 2) that the struggle is real.

I have some ideas that might help. Let me know when we can talk about this.


(Your signature)

P.S. Check out this content I’ve put together that directly addresses (specific issue)(Embedded link to content)


Template #5: For little-known prospects

Subject: (Prospect name), can you help me?

Hi (Prospect name),

I’m trying to figure out who is in charge of (the situation you solve) there at (prospect company name).

Would you mind pointing me toward the right person, and the best way I can get in touch with him or her?


(Your signature)

Template #6: For little-known prospects

Subject: How do you handle (specific issue)?

Hi (Prospect name),

My name is (your name), and I’m with (your company name), where we help organizations with (your value proposition).

I’d like to learn how you currently handle (specific issue) and show you what we’ve been doing to help companies like yours.

Are you available for a short call tomorrow afternoon?


(Your signature)


Template #7: For little-known prospects

Subject: A service that can help you with (specific issue)

Hi (Prospect name),

We have a service that we think can really help (prospect company name).

Would you guide me to the person responsible for (specific issue) and let me know the best way to get in touch with him or her?


(Your signature)


Template #8: For little-known prospects

Subject: What do you think of (specific issue)?

Hello (Prospect name),

(Your name) with (your company name) here. I want to introduce myself because (prospect company name) is similar to many of the organizations we work with every day – some of which you might know such as (happy customer company names 1 and 2).

While I have your attention, I wanted to let you know that our customers use us to do things like (benefits of your solution).

We’d love to give you a try with (your solution)!

I’m assuming you’re the best person for this – and if I’m wrong, who would you recommend I speak with?


(Your signature)



2 email templates to compare yourself to competitor

Sometimes salespeople can try a comparison approach to prospecting. Put your value proposition over your competitor’s out there right away.

Here are a couple of templates to help.

Template #1: Compare to competitors

Subject: Could we be a better solution than (competitor company)?

Hello (Prospect name),

I understand you are (prospect title) at (prospect company name) and you use (competitor company name). They’re a reputable company, but it could be beneficial for us to have a chat.

(Your company name) has been busy solving (critical prospect issue), and I believe you’d see immediate benefits from (your product, service or solution) that could result in (scalable solution such as increased revenue, lowered cost, boosted efficiency) like (happy customer company name 1) has.

The difference between (competitor company product) and ours is substantial, and I’d love to show the benefits of ours.

Can we arrange a short call later this week?


(Your signature)


Template #2: Compare to competitors

Subject: What do you think of (competitor product)?

Hello (Prospect name),

I just spoke to (prospect colleague or referring customer) and (he/she) told me that you use (competitor company name).

How are you liking it?

I work for (your company name). It’s somewhat like (competitor company name) only (brief differentiator description).

If you’re up for it, could we jump on a short call? I’d love to get your opinion on how the service is with (competitor company) and see if it makes sense for us to work together.

Can we set aside 15 minutes in the next three days?

Thanks for considering,

(Your signature)


4 email templates to confirm it’s time to stop your efforts

Sometimes the best thing for your sales success and prospects who might buy some time in the future (or even never) is to confirm that it’s time to stop email efforts.

These templates to confirm that prospects aren’t interested will work.

Template #1: Confirmation to stop

Subject: Time to move on?

Hello (Prospect name),

I’ve reached out a few times now without a reply. Usually when this happens, it means that what I’ve shared on (prospect issue) is not a priority right now. I understand that. Is it safe for me to assume that’s the case?

If it is, I’ll call it quits. If you’d rather I follow up at a later time when you can give (prospect issue) more attention, I’ll be happy to do that, too.

Let me know what you’d prefer.


(Your signature)


Template #2: Confirmation to stop

Subject: Close your file?

Hi (Prospect name),

I’m making a final follow up on my email and voicemail. I’m closing files for the month, and when I haven’t heard back from someone it typically means you aren’t interested now or are really busy.

If that’s the case, do I have your permission to close your file?

If you are still interested, what do recommend as our next step?


(Your signature)


Template #3: Confirmation to stop

Hi (Prospect name),

I get it. Now’s now the best timing for you. However, I’m still convinced that (your solution) is something that will help you overcome (prospect issue or challenge).

That’s why I’ve included a couple of case studies from (happy customer company names 1 and 2) that you can check out when you have more time.

  • (Case study 1)
  • (Case study 2)

If you say it’s OK, I’ll touch base in two months to update you on what’s new.


(Your signature)


Template #4: Confirmation to stop

Subject: Not as bad as a breakup

Hi (Prospect name),

I understand you aren’t interested in us right now … but it still stings a bit! We just weren’t meant for each other … yet, perhaps.

If it’s never meant to be, I want to leave you with some valuable insight that can help you (achieve a goal or address a challenge) immediately:

  • (Link to relevant article 1)
  • (Link to relevant article 2)


(Your signature)

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