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Create prospect lists from over 15m+ company records, import leads directly from your professional social profiles and automate your prospecting with Fuzeleads cold email outreach.

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Prospecting can be time consuming.
but not with Fuzelead

Social Lead Finder

Find unlimited social leads including Email, name, job title and company.

Find Company Leads

Search for leads from over 15 million companies including country, industry, headcount and job title.

Cold Email Automation

Automate your outreach with cold email campaigns, track clicks, opens and segment leads.

URL Lead Extraction

Find leads from websites including social links, emails and phone numbers.

Upload & Enrich

Upload CSV files containing first and last name and company name and Fuzelead will find the email addresses.

Auto connect on Social

Automatically connect with hundreds of leads visit their profiles and personalized send connection messages.

Search & Build Lists

Search for millions of decision maker leads with Fuzeleads simple list building tools. Search our database of 15m+ company records to find new prospects by country, industry, company headcount and job title or import leads directly from your business social profile.

Supercharged Teams

Give your team the ultimate data and outreach automation tool and watch productivity and sales grow as the they focus on what's important, closing deals.

Automated Outreach

Push your prospect lists into sequenced cold email outreach campaigns and engage them automatically, track open rates, clicks and replies and predict your sales growth. Schedule follow up emails based on lead actions and responses.

Measure Your Prospecting

Monitor your campaign performance and tweak your prospect targeting and email content strategy based on actions and response rates, A/B test your email content to measure campaign engagement.

Unlimited everything.... Yep!

Unlimited lead data and outreach at your fingertips

At Fuzelead we don’t believe in complicated subscriptions and per lead costs etc etc…..

That’s why Fuzelead is the one subscription, unlimited everything solution for sales and marketing professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs who hate the monotony of daily cold call battles and expensive marketing strategies but want to increase their close rate and win new clients

Ready to become a Pro?

Want to learn how companies like Vodafone, indeed & moo prospect for new business?

Sign up for a free trial account or schedule a demo with our team to see Fuzelead in action. We’ll guide you through how to make the most out of Fuzeleads tools and how to scale your outreach.

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Are you ready to supercharge your lead generation? with no long term contracts or commitments Fuzelead is the ideal solution for expanding your lead generation leaving you time to focus on what’s important, closing more deals!

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  • 500 Social lead search credits

  • Search 15m+ company records

  • Search by Job Title, Industry, Country & Headcount

  • 500 data enrichment credits

  • Send 3000 cold outreach emails

  • Sync Gmail, Office 365 or any SMTP

  • Export data to CSV

  • Invite Your Team

Go Unlimited
$99.00Per Month
  • Find unlimited leads from your professional social profile

  • Search 15m+ company records

  • Search by Job Title, Industry, Country & Headcount

  • Enrich CRM data

  • Send unlimited outreach emails

  • Sync Gmail, Office 365 or any SMTP

  • Export data to CSV

  • Invite Your Team

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